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Michael Marshall

Soundcheck Magazine is staffed by scrappy people, all of whom, in high school, developed senses of humor to offset their acne. As adults, we decided that things like "stability" and "health insurance" weren't for us, so we started a magazine with an indie focus. We gravitated to indie rock because it is a genre populated by similarly scrappy people who similarly reject the notion of having money in savings accounts.

Soundcheck started in print and migrated to the web; it now has a foot in both camps. Our slogan "Connecting the artist and the audience" pretty much sums up our goal: all of our content is based on exclusive interviews and photographs in an attempt to build a bridge between the people who make music and the people who love music. We're pretty happy with what we do, health insurance or no. If you'd like to be a part of it, drop us a line; we're always looking for new and stellar photographers and contributors. And, yes, we grew out of our acne. Thanks for asking.

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