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  • formal taken during the year of 2009 by Gary Woodard, Houston, Texas. Gary
    Woodard Gallery 2009. 1 publication, last published 28 DEC 2009. gary woodard
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    I have assembled this magazine for family, friends and anyone else that might be interested in my photography projects. I have included a few samples of my favorite photographs taken during the year although they do not included the major project, the photographs taken of Janet. I may yet do a magazine format of those images. I have been publishing a much more inclusive Photo Journal in hardback book format each year. I am trying this as a considerably less expensive way to share my photography. 44 pages, 40 photographs. Enjoy.
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    The following is a small sample of the environmental portraits, both casual and formal taken during the year of 2009 by Gary Woodard, Houston, Texas
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    After a year of outstanding discussion on and about photography, the team members of GW's Photography Discussion Blog have put together a celebratory issue. Most of the articles are geared toward the blog membership. There are two articles, The Photograph is NOT the Subject and Realities, Realism and Truth covering one of the blogs most discussed topics. Several articles pay tribute to the blog and share favorite moments and what has been accomplished. It has been a great learning experience from the beginning and we hope to do regular issues bi-annualy.
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    Quarterly journal of the GW's Photography Discussions blog. Articles by blog members on a Trip to China, Historic Galveston, Texas, Cooper Lake in New York along with articles on monthly assignments and general photography.The blog is a small group of mostly Houston photographers that have come together to discuss photography, work with each other to improve skills and generally to enjoy photography.
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    The blog concentrates on the end result, the photograph rather than the means, the equipment and technique. Subjective comments encourage the question more than the answer to develope thought processes well beyond an adherence to rules. This issue includes articles on environmental portraiture, the photo essay and family photographs: portfolio articles. Forensic Evidence Found in the Containers of a Past Life looks at past possessions and how they contribute to understanding changes brought about by abrupt life changes. Local Color examines finding images of value in the simplest daily routines. Two of the portfolio articles revolve around the photographer’s faith. Rolling Thunder—Wheels of Grace is a photographic documentation of a local Bikers for Christ organization and Inner Strength is an allegorical look by the church’s Senior Pastor at the strengthening steel rebar being set into the foundation during the construction of a new worship center.
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